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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Sunday afternoon walk

It has been a number of days since we have been able to take a walk. Either it was too cold, too windy, too cold AND windy, or the road wasn't plowed. This afternoon was a good time to go! This is how it looked walking down the road. We can only go one way from our house during the wintertime as they only plow to our garage. You can see that the grader has gotten right down to the dirt road.

We have gotten around 120" of snow so far this year---thank goodness not all at one time. It sure does keep the road crew busy. This is how high it is piled right now where the trees end and meadow begins. You can see the snow drifting from left to right behind Bruce and two of our 3 pups.

This is how far we walk, 'til we can see the Big Lake. You can't really tell where it is right now though as everything is white. That is Raspberry Mountain in the back.

So that is our Sunday walk. We moved a lot of snow today from the driveway and garage loft and got the Toyota swept off as I will make a trip to Alamosa tomorrow. Time to get a few groceries in before the next storm arrives!
Y'all have a great week! :)+

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