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Friday, January 9, 2009

Wind Cap Replaced

One thing to be said for living in the mountains is it is a constant challenge. This is a picture I took from our deck of the chimney and windcap. This windcap has been on the chimney for a number of years---each summer Bruce scales the ladder to bring it down, clean it and grease it. The past two winters, the darned thing, which is supposed to "twirl" in the wind, has gotten stuck---so he has gone up there, brought it down, cleaned it and re-greased it. Well, a couple of weeks ago it got stuck and during some terrible wind, the smoke kept coming down into the house. It smelled like a smoke house in here---well, I guess it was a smoke house. So I went on line (what would we do without the internet??) and found a place from which we could order a new one---and it doesn't need greasing as it has no moving parts.

As the story goes, when it arrived on Wednesday we couldn't get off our road because of the blowing and drifting snow so FedEx left it at the Post Commissary in Fort Garland---20 miles one way. Bruce was able to get out yesterday and picked it up. This is the view of the roof. At the bottom of the roof you can see a rock-enclosed area which has a platform on it. It is about 6' off the ground and we have to haul the 40' ladder up from the garage and get it onto the platform!

The ladder is in place and here is Bruce on his first trip up. It is really a scarey proposition and the only thing I can do is stand on the ground and watch and pray!

Here he is, leaning over to get the old windcap off. He does wear a harness that attaches to the top of the ladder so should he lose his footing, the ladder should help keep him from falling. We certainly hope he never has to test that theory out!

After he brought the "stuck" one down, he then went up and put the new cap on---and down he comes. It is supposed to have some caulk around it but we think that it will be just fine until the summertime when, once again, he will go up to bring it down. I will be able to do the brushing/cleaning of it while he runs the brushes down the chimney.

So that is our/his adventure for the day! Got it done just in time as we are to have up to a foot of snow by tomorrow---and it started during lunch. We always say a blessing before our meals and this time it was thanks for keeping Bruce safe on his journey to the "top of the world". :)+

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Mike McFall said...

WOW,,,,neat Carol !! Good job Bruce!!!
I'm wondering how cold it was during that 'lttle" Job?
Just to think, you guys built that ENTIRE place by yourself didn't you?

Great Post!!
Sounds like other folks would like to hear more about "your life". Why not a day to day chronicle and brief discription of your life "on the Mountain".
Go for it, I think its a great idea!! I would sure like to read it. Your picking up more readers all the time....:-)

Mike (& Pat)