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Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Spring" snow

We need more snow and we got some Friday night. This was some of the heavier and wetter snow that is badly needed at our elevation. I think we got around 5" of it bringing our total to somewhere around 139" so far. We need lots more to cut down on the fire danger.

We did decide to take a walk down the road with the dogs but it is tough going when the snow is so wet. It sure was pretty though!

A few days ago Bruce started gathering flat rocks again. We have lots and lots of rocks on this mountain lot. He will continue to put them up against the house with cement so it looks like we have a stone cabin! He has done both sides of the house and it looks really nice---also, should a fire ever decide to come to our area, our home will be protected. The rocks also help with the insulation.

I tried a new pie recipe this week. A friend from back in New York State sent it to me and it is easier than a regular 2-crust pie---and sure was tasty!

So that is all that has happened this week---not much but that is OK. Spring will eventually come and we will spend more time outside doing fun stuff!
Have a great week---we will! :)+


Mike McFall said...

I love SNOW!!!!!

But just in PICTURES!!!!

Nice Blog.


Joy and Phil said...

Bruce and Carol,
Yes I counted each and every one of those Union Pacific pieces of equipment ... NOT! Actually, we missed the first 20 that came through town right behind the Elks but chased them down in the car and found a side road to stop and watch the parade and take pictures. After they had all gone by, we waved down a UP pickup and asked what was going on. He gave us the info and the count ... mystery solved!

But, thanks for asking LOL
Joy and Phil