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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not much happening..........

in our neck of the woods. We did get a little bit of snow but that is compacting down or melting in/off. We prefer it to melt in!!! Dogs are enjoying having more "backyard" to run around in.

I had a full day in Alamosa on Thursday. Left the house at 9:30ish and got home at 4. When we live so far from a "city" we have to make every visit count. That means bank, Walmart, Big R for dog food, City Market for people food, doctor visit, back to City Market for cold stuff, post office and home. That doesn't look like so much when it is written down!!!!

Bruce stayed home and kept the dogs company and kept the woodstove going. Even though it is looking a bit like spring, we need to keep the fire going as the sun doesn't come into the house much during this time of year. Of course when it is summer time and we wish it didn't, it does!

Hopefully next week I will have something to report! Y'all have a good week---and cheer FSU on in NCAA basketball playoffs!

Carol :)+

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Joy and Phil said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I am rarely at a loss for something to say but sometimes it is just babble, sad to say! You guys on the other hand are the real adventurers ... going where "no man has gone before ;-)", I commend you!
Wish we were but our path does not lead us to Colorado this year but maybe next year! I don't usually "plan" but we sorta did for this year and next but it could change, we have wheels on our house you know. We are headed north to MI, IL, MN, IN, NY and all points east then down the coast to FL for the winter of 2009-10. Then to Washingto DC for a month in the spring (cherry blossom time). From there it is anyone's guess.
Stay warm and thanks again for the invite~will definitely take you up on it next time through.