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Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July!!!

This has been another busy week around our house. Temperatures remain pretty cool still which is great for getting the wood work done outside and for sleeping! We have the wood shed nearly full and will finish it in the fall. Bruce has some lumber in there that he wouldn't be able to get to (in the rafters) if we fill it up. We have some rows of split wood outside the woodshed and will continue to work on it. We can never have too much wood to get us through the long winters!

I just found out this week that my cousin Bob (second from the left) became a grandpa again inthe beginning of the year. Two little girls who had some serious problems as they were born way early. Here is a picture of them at 5 months today. Bob's Mom, my Aunt Shirley, is on his right, then the proud papa, Rob and his son, Robby. The girls, Riley and Reese, are so teeny but are coming along well. As always, if you want to enlarge the pictures, just click on them!

A fun thing for Sasha. Her friend Carole's husband was given tickets for the Toby Keith concert in Tampa last weekend with back stage passes even---and Carole invited Sasha to go. They went one other time but no back stage passes! The first picture is of Carole and Sasha BEFORE the rain came!

And here is Sasha with Toby. She was a bit washed out but you can tell by the smile that "all was well". They had a great time!

The wildflowers are a bit behind schedule this year because of the cool temps and the rain but they are coming out. This is one of the many wild rose bushes on our land.
Bruce took the next one. The smell is so nice--even makes getting the wood in more pleasant!

Here is some Indian paint brush. It is even more brilliant this year than normal.

And last but certainly not least, columbine, the Colorado state flower. This is the most delicate of all flowers. We have a lot of it on our property thanks to the deer that sometimes like to behead them and the birds too.

We are planning on going to a barbeque today and tomorrow will have some friends over for cowboy breakfast.

Have a happy 4th of July. We sure do have a lot to be thankful in our wonderful America! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Nice pictures and Blog!! That's a real treat to go back stage, even I would enjoy that!!

We are going to a BBQ with friends today too, hope it don't rain. It looks awful threatening...

it rained almost all day yesterday. The Mt. Rushmore fireworks should have been cancelled, but the went ahead and had them, although the clouds were so low no one could see them explode..$100,000.00 worth of Fireworks wasted!!! 30,000 people disappointed and WET!!!

Hope you guys have a good one!!

Coffeedoff said...

Happy independents day. Love the columbine photo. Have a picture of one on an American stamp. Nice to see a real one. Are they Very big I wonder?

Joy and Phil said...

Wonderful four generation picture! A treasure for the babies when they grow up.