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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27

This has been a good week in the mountains. Almost every afternoon we have gotten some rain so the lettuce and spinach are growing really well as are the radishes and other things that Bruce has planted. He has been doing a lot of stonework outside as well! He does stay busy.

We have two nests that we can see. One has a robin family in it and the babies have hatched. We think there are two. I went down to take a picture and there was the Mom, sitting on them! She was giving me "the eye" but stayed put!

(click on photos to enlarge)

I went back down a little while later and saw this one chick. Bruce was doing some digging in the dirt and came up with an earthworm---took it over and gave it to one of the chicks. The chick gobbled it down!

We planted a couple of lilac bushes right after we moved to the mountains and they are growing, slowly but surely. It is amazing that they grow at all since they are totally buried under snow for about 5 months of the year. This year they had a lot of blooms. I cut 3 of them off so I could sniff them inside!! They don't last long once they are off the branches but they are easier to get to!

Bruce will be going to the annual landowners meeting this morning and I will stay home to hold down the fort. It should be an interesting meeting as the present Board of Directors doesn't seem to understand that it is meeting where the landowners are supposed to have an opportunity to speak out!

Have a great week. Hard to imagine that the next time I write it will be the 4th of July---where does the time go?? :)+


Mike McFall said...

Ya, it is hard to believe 4TH of July is just a week away!!! I had to wear a long sleeve shirt today when we went 4 wheelin....but I LOVE that!! It was HOT and HUMID back in the Eastern half of the state...It good to be back here!!

Nice Post!!!

Take care...

Marilyn Joyce Smith said...

I love the picture of the Lilacs, they are my favorite flower. We use to have a huge lillac bush at home on the farm in Vermont and it smelled so good and so pretty. As the years went by the bloosoms started out as a deep pirple and over the years they were not as deep purple but still pretty. Also the older the bush got it seemed to not produce as many bloosoms. A litytle sad. About a year or so before the farm was sold and my family moved . That lilac bush had but a very few bloosoms. And the year after the farm was closed and peopl no longer farmed it. That lilac bush died. Like it was part of the family and when we all moved away it no longer wanted to live. And it never revived. Sad.. I wish I had a picture of that lilac bush. Just wanted to share.. Take Care..