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Saturday, August 29, 2009

nearly September

I must admit that it is totally beyond me how Tuesday can be the beginning of September but it is true. This year just seems to have flown by. The trees are starting to turn here already which means that the white stuff will be here soon---but hopefully not too soon!

Saturday evening we were watching the Little League World Series (which we are still watching) and I happened to look out the front window to see this beautiful rainbow---and it wasn't even raining here! So pretty!

Monday another cowboy breakfast! We try to get folks here when it is nice and we can eat outside (like the cowboys did). These are our friends Jane and Gene Fix. They moved here permanently probably 5 years ago now and are really dear people.

Thursday we went to a picnic with some of the other folks out here and had a great time! Bruce is there with the red FSU cap on (go 'Noles!).

And here I am, on the right back with the hat on. Seems as though this white hair of mine is NOT stopping the sun from scorching my scalp...hence, the hat! We are pretty close to the sun up here, ya know???

We are getting ready to head to Buena Vista so Bruce can try to locate the mother lode. We'll let ya know if and when he finds it!



Mike McFall said...

Hey, that's a CAP,,,,,not a HAT,,LOL.

I have no idea where that is your going and what bruce is lookin fer!

I do know I'd love to make one of those Cowboy Breakfasts.... I am a Cowboy,,,so I qualify...

Yep summers over,,,,,bummer. But we are dying to Hit the Road!!!

Keep your CAP on!!!!

Mike McFall said...

Naw!!!!! You tell Mr Bruce that he has a "TOPPER" on the back of his pick up,,,,That is a "CAP" you are wearing in the picture!!!!!

Geez,,,Where ya all from,,,back EAST or somethin!!!! NEW YORK,,,??

LOL :-)