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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22

Got bread on it's first rising and just posted the readings for next week for the online Bible study that I am conducting (the Book of Job) and thought I would get this posted for the week!

We haven't done much exciting but did try to go fishing again. We needed a couple of things at the little store in Fort Garland and wanted to pick up the mail and the reservoir isn't out of the way. Bruce got all of the fishing gear and our chairs into the truck and off we went.

What a surprise when we got to Mountain Home Reservoir. It had gone down a lot! It is used for irrigation and since we haven't had any rain, apparently those needing water are using it. It is still beautiful!

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Bruce drove down as close as he thought safe---as we fished there was a truck stuck that had gotten down into the mucky sand---and off we went. I had taken my rubber boots along, just in case, and sure was glad as we sunk right down into the soft sand that used to be water! In fact, we probably sat where we tossed our lines in last time!

After staying for probably 30 minutes or so of no action, we decided that the fish were probably way out in the reservoir where the cooler water was. As they say "a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work"!

Much to our surprise though, look who is out there? I zoomed in as close as I could and you will have to take my word for it but it is a PELICAN!!! I do wonder where it came from. It was all by itself and seemed to be enjoying the scenery!

No cowboy breakfasts this week, no meetings, nothing much---hmmmmmmm, maybe that is what "retirement" is all about! We have had more elk in the back yard but haven't seen any bears for a number of weeks. Must be they are hanging out somewhere else in the Park!

Will check in again next weekend. Have a great week, ya'll! :)+


Mike McFall said...

I agree with the Bad day fishing, being better than a Good day at work... I don't remember having a good day at work!! Not in the Insurance business!!! Don't happen!! The ONLY thing I liked about it was Pay Day!!!
Trying lawsuits for a living when all your insureds are HIGH RISK is problematic. The day I walked out was the BEST day of my life...So, I don't remember what a day at work was even like!!! But I didn't like it!!
I have been outta there for for 17 years!! My health improved 180% when I left!!!

Oh, sorry this is your Blog, not mine!!! I'll get off my SoapBox!!!

Oh, by the way,,,I don't blame the park for not allowing geoCache's. They try to preserve the nature as much as possible and want everyone to stay on the trails. Its just the Gutless way of telling you no that I thought was crummy...

Keep up the Blogging.. Ms Pat wanted info on your Bible study group....ask, but didn't ever get it...must of went astray!!


Sakoieta said...

Good stuff. I am sure there is always so much to do. Grandpa used to keep a full pile of wood ready to be split outside the back of the shed. Any time I got bored he’d point to the wood pile and tell me go to ’er buster. any wood you split will be that much less that I have to. Something about splitting wood that helps you solve a lot of problems by the time the pile is down a couple of cords. LOL. At least it was that way for gramps.. he used to tell me it made him feel much better having me around. LOL.