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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday August 16

Yesterday, the 15th, we celebrated being here 12 years as full time residents. Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we moved here but then we look around and see how much different out place is than in 1997 and we realize that the time has flown by.

Anyway, a lot of pictures this week! Be sure to click on them if you want to enlarge them. Here is Bozwell with his new ball!

And Sarah with Bruce in the hammock.

We have a lot of hummingbirds. We have three feeders off the mudroom and one off the front deck. The three in the back get a lot of activity! We go through a LOT of sugar! The feeders will come down in the beginning of September though....not too far off.

Skip and Sue came over for cowboy breakfast. I took their picture down the trail on our swing.

Friday Jim and Elaine were going to come over for breakfast. When Bruce started the fire, there was a slight mist.........but by 9 when they were to come, it was pouring rain! Elaine and Jim are camping on their property and have no cell phone reception so we had told them "if it is raining, come on Saturday!!"

Bruce remembered that we had this canopy tent so we set it up. You can see just what an incline our property is on by the angle the canopy sits!

Saturday was a beautiful day so Elaine and Jim came to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Bruce looked outside this morning and there was a herd of elk out there munching on the grass!

Thursday night we went to a cowboy DINNER over in Cuchara at the Yellow Pines Ranch. It was really great and they had a male western singer there. The set up was in a nice barn---buffet style. And yummy!

So here we are at the beginning of another week and we don't know what is in store for us. I am starting another on line Bible study series, this time the Book of Job. Also the on line missionary program is keeping me really busy---and I am loving it. Bruce split some more firewood and moved the pile of wood mill culls to end of the driveway---quite a job. He also relocated some big rocks (small boulders??) from the backyard! Somehow we keep very busy!

Have a great week, y'all! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Becoming a Sunday poster huh? sounds like your Busy!! Welcome to the crowd!!
Today was a BIG day for us,,,,wait until you see why. Anxious to hear what you think.....
Missed you yesterday!But it was woth the wait, nice job!

Mike McFall said...

Cowboy Breakfast,,,,in the rain. Now that sounds different, but hey, cowboys had to eat rain or shine!!! Right on Bruce my Boy!!