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Saturday, March 27, 2010

More snow pictures...another storm this week!

Another 3 feet! This one is taken looking out the side window in our breakfast room.

After we got the back door opened, this is looking up to the woodshed.

After we got the front door opened, this is looking down the driveway.

Bruce clearing the snow..........

and still clearing the snow.......

The following are all taken from the woodshed deck looking down toward the house.

Back door into the mudroom.

The back of the pickup after it was pulled out.

This is where we had the vehicles parked and shoveled for quite a while to pull them out and the snow you see is what was around them. There is a 10' bank of snow! Two storms within three days dumped 33" and 30" on us.
As I write this on Saturday morning, it is snowing outside and we got around 3" overnight. This was a bit heavier (i.e., more moisture) which is always a good thing. Are you getting tired of snow pictures? I can hardly wait to have something other than snow to post!


Mike McFall said...

I kinda enjoy them. Remindes me of what I worked 40 years for to get out of..... It is pretty tho...

Ron and Thelma said...

That is a lot of snow. My sister lives at Morrison in the foothills and she has not posted for a few days. Theymight have lost their internet.

Joy and Phil said...

I love your snow pictures! I'm glad you got the pickup out though so you have a way out in an emergency.

I would love to hear how you are self-sufficient up on that mountain. Tell us about the ways you get water, electricity, internet and so on.

Keep the pictures coming!

Connie,Barry said...

Oh my gosh...I never saw so much snow! The pics are beautiful! When it starts snowing here, we run to the store quick for bread, milk, and whatever. How do you do it? Do you ever think of heading south? Neat blog! Best wishes!
Connie in PA