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Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring in Forbes Park

We had a major snow storm on Friday. It snowed HARD all day and into the night. We think we got over 3 feet! Here are some pictures taken yesterday! Click on them if you wish to enlarge.......

This is of me after Bruce had gotten the driveway cleared. That cool hat is one he surprised me with at Christmas. It has earflaps to keep my ears warm!!!

This is looking out the window of our breakfast room toward our other lot...and before we got outside.

It was quite a chore to get the front door open onto the deck!!

Mt. Mestas/LaVeta Pass in the background.

There is a truck and a Jeep down the driveway on the right. This of course was taken prior to the driveway getting cleared by Bruce. He has to plug the tractor in and let it sit a few hours to get the oil warmed up so it will start!

Looking up to the woodshed.

The dogs absolutely love playing in the snow but even this is too much for them. I have dug out some walkways for them but after they go out for a few minutes, they are pretty happy to just come back inside and settle down.

We still have to get the laundry room door shoveled out, the truck and Jeep shoveled out and the door to the garage loft area shoveled out....maybe later today. And last we heard, more snow on Wednesday. Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Spring time in Colorado!!


Mike McFall said...

I still read YOU,,,and comment. neat pictures.....reminds me of my past life....Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol and Bruce! I so enjoy seeing photos of your life in Colorado. Absolutely beautiful pics of God's masterpiece in your "neck-of-the-woods!" ~ Sabrina