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Friday, July 23, 2010

Excited - by Bruce

We just came home from the Post Office and a trip to Alamosa. Waiting there in our Postal Box was the August/September issue of Mother Earth News. We have received several very nice comments on our article from family and friends, but had not seen the article ourselves. It was nice to actually see it with our own eyes. That made it real and not a dream. We picked up an extra copy from the grocery store where we have shopped for many years. We were able to share the story with several employees that we have come to know very well over those years.
Our daughter bought 2 copies at Publix in Florida today and the cashier commented that she had two copies. She said her parents had an article in the magazine and a conversation ensued. Those waiting in line behind her were looking at the article and asking her questions about our life here in the mountains. This is a place where people don't often make eye contact or speak to each other. She was so excited she called us on her cell phone to relate the story.
We celebrated our 27th anniversary as well as the published article in Alamosa at the St. Ive's restaurant. It was a nice meal and great to just be together without distractions.
Mother Earth News paid me $200.00 for the article. We put it in the bank and made a $200. donation to Smile Train today. 100% of all donations goes to helping children with deformed faces and getting them corrected. An anonymous donor agreed to match our contribution by triple so Smile Train ended up with $800.00 to help deformed children have a chance in life
All in all this has been a win win situation. Several friends and acquaintances have commented on how they like Mother and plan to either buy it at news stands or subscribe. God has really blessed us in so many ways. Just wanted to share this with our blog readers.


Barbara said...

Well HAPPY EVERYTHING Carol and Bruce......anniversary, charitable donations, published article and to just living the way that you want to live on God's mountains!!!

Rob said...

Congrats on the article Bruce. I can't wait to see it. Haven't been able to find a copy yet. I may need to take a look at your copy if I can't find one.

Also Happy Anniversary to you both. You guys area great people and that was very generous to donate your earnings!

When I come out, I hope I can get an autograpgh . . . or maybe just share a cup of Joe!

. . . Rob

Bruce said...

Thanks for the nice compliments. We bought an extra copy in Alamosa at the grocery store. They had one copy left so Rob if you hurry on out you may be able to get it. Drop by for coffee and yummy pinch cake.