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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Natures way - by Bruce

Baby robins are all out on their own now. This year it has been more interesting to watch the baby chicks grow up and fly from the nest. The last day I posted about the baby robins two of the three chicks left the nest and were flying around the side of the house from one patch of long grass to another. The third baby stayed back in the nest for two more days. The mama robin did not feed him and he clearly had a a choice - stay in the nest and starve to death or over come his fear and leave the nest. Last year we had one that did not leave and did starve to death.

It did not look good for him because it appeared he was content to stay in his safe area. Then yesterday morning we saw him perched on the ground under the nest and then he too was out on his own joining the others. He will end up a strong robin for finally deciding to leave what was safe for the unknown. It was tempting to give him a hand out of that nest but we knew that would not be what was best for him. He had to decide for himself and he finally did. It is nature's way and it is the best way. The mama robin and three chicks are all flying around the side of the house as a small flock. I suspect that they are getting final instructions for life. It has been a real joy to watch this year.

There are a lot of life lessons in watching these birds born, grow, leave the nest, and now fly around together. Very interesting to see it all evolve.

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