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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taiko Drummers

If you thought the drummers were great in the Olympics held in China then you missed a real treat when the drummers from Crestone, CO preformed at the Alamosa Farmers Market today. These folks are amazing and to see these drums in person is simply awesome.

They preformed for one hour and their synchronization on the drums made the hair stand out on the back of your neck. It is hard to describe how good these people are and the sound of the drums goes right to your bones.
This is a real art form that has the ability to move you to the sound of the drums. From our mountain location it is a one hour drive to Alamosa to see these folks work their magic on their drums. It was worth every mile we drove to see this and hear the drums.

If you click on the image it will enlarge. Did I mention that we also bought two cantaloupes grown in Rocky Ford, Colorado widely known through out the State for their sweet flavor. Let the good times roll... We also sampled some goat cheese from a nearby farm. Excellent flavor and consistency and we prefer goat cheese when we can get it.


Ron and Thelma said...

Those are some big drums. How would you like to carry them around Bet that was worth the drive.

Bruce said...

Well worth the drive. Those are big drums with a low 'boom - boom' sound. I think you would put wheels on them and ride them around. The photo's don't show but the moves to beat them are arms in the air, back handed drum beats, and such. Like a group of ballet dancers all moving in harmony and striking the drums at the same time.