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Friday, August 13, 2010

Some days - by Bruce

On some days my to do list just becomes too long. Then again some days it is very short. So either too long or too short any day it is not raining out or bad weather is a good day to put the hammock to use. A comfortable place to lay and gaze at the bright blue sky, think about good things and just let your mind wander. Some days just need to be appreciated for the goodness they are and be enjoyed. I have a feeling that today may be one of those days. A day to watch that random cloud just drift past slowly changing shape, to watch a commercial airplane going over full of people heading to a destination. Just a good day to pause and watch and reflect.

I can remember flying from Harrisburg, Pa, to Los Angles many years ago. We actually flew right over our present home and as I looked out the window I could see our house far below. At our elevation I know people in those airplanes can see our house and most likely see me laying out in the hammock. If I can see the airplane clearly with my old eyes they can sure see someone stretched out in a hammock. Maybe just seeing someone out in a hammock relaxing will bring a little peace to their hectic day and take their mind off their troubles or concerns vicariously.

So here I go to lay in the hammock and bring peace and tranquility to mankind. Everyone should do their part and today I plan to do mine. I plan to change the world one hammock laying episode at a time. Yes, I know it is a monumental and overwhelming task, but stop and think for a moment. Someone has to do it so why not me.... Maybe you should go find a hammock or just lay back in the grass and look up and let your mind go. It really is therapeutic and rewarding. You can do your part for mankind too...


Lois said...

I was disappointed in NOT seeing YOU lying in that hammock, but appreciate your message. We are praising Him for the good desperately needed, yesterday and last night. The flowers, trees and all leafy things are just drinking it up!
It's so much cooler too and that is much appreciated.
Us in Penbrook

Sasha said...

your "hammock" blog post inspired me...I am going out to lay by the pool......;)

Barbara said...

Life should always be that peaceful and carefree!