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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whoopie - by Bruce

The morning started out right when we realized that the snow from the past days had not been cleared from the road and sledding was again a possibility. Our driveway is sloped just perfect for sledding and speeds of approximately 20 mph can be achieved. It is just long enough to get a good run in and not exhaust yourself on the walk back.
Normally the road equipment scrapes the snow down to bare dirt at the end of our driveway, which is not conducive to going 20 mph when you hit the end of the drive. Since we only received about 4-5" of snow they did not do our road and we took full advantage of that as evidenced by Carol in the photo below. Whoopie!!!!!!!!!

So what does the photo of firewood below bring to mind? If you look at the individual pieces they are all very normal except for one in the bottom right corner. It appears to be a healthy piece of firewood from the outside but when it is cut and placed with the other pieces it clearly is rotten inside. Pretty much reminds me of people in some instances. If you looked at this lone piece of fire wood from the exterior you would think it had value and you might even give it the same consideration as all the other pieces of wood that were normal. If you put that piece of wood in charge of the entire firewood pile because of its outward appearance without first determining if it had a solid core, it wouldn't take it long to try to change all the normal wood into the same rotten core that it has. It would allow its disease - in this case insects, mold and bacteria to permeate the rest of the wood. Much like the old saying that 'one bad apple spoils the entire barrel'.
I guess in many instances you could take this example from our wood shed and local community right up to the top level of government. Thought for the day... especially when those we sent to Washington are going to allow the Government to run out of money and shut down while they belligerently refuse to work together for the good of all. Just think about that for a moment......

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Raylene said...

RIGHT ON! Great analagy about the deceptive log. Grab your hand basket as we are heading for Hell! I don't think it will matter who runs for President as a Republician as no one can do more to help the Republican cause than the current regimne.