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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to tell season's - by Bruce

Many years ago when we were in Tallahassee, Fla. we went to a large craft show and saw this small triangle cut glass ornament that had a prism inside it. We were so attracted to it we have carried it with us all across the country. It now hangs in our front window and tells us when Spring is here. When the sunrise occurs at a certain place on the horizon the morning sun light will strike this ornament just right and it will transmit beautiful rainbows all over our living room. Dozens of them all moving around the room. The air movement in the room will move the ornament slightly so that every wall you look at will have these beautiful rainbows on it.
When it starts to make rainbows we know it is spring. Well, sad to say that we haven't seen any rainbows yet but I noticed this morning the sun is moving closer into position to create an awe inspiring transformation in our living room. Sometimes they are so vivid and striking that even the dogs will watch them.
As you look out our front window you will see the mountains with the snow still on them. The National Weather forecast says that today we have a 50% chance of snow which translates - 'you had better get ready cause you're going to get hammered'. When they say 20% we usually get a few inches. A 50% prediction could mean the end of civilization as we know it. We have plenty of beer and finger food so bring r on National Weather Service... We're ready...
As we look up to the prism each morning we are hopeful for Spring time... It gives us something to look forward to. The Loon is a wood carving that Carol hand carved for me. I have always been intrigued by the activity and call of Loons. Have a really good week... As for us we're going to bide our time and wait for those rainbows.

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Deeda said...

I am thinking that God makes rainbows, but people do, too, in their way! Sounds like Carol and you (and the babies) are making bright and beautiful arcs of prismatic emotions...shining all the way from Colorado to New England and beyond. Happy Spring, when it gets here in the natural. Happy Spring that abides in your lives always! Thank you for sharing the colors.