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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ponder - by Bruce

As is my habit I tend to arise early. I have had that habit for most of my life. I just like to get up early and take time to enjoy the morning before the activities of the day take over.
As I sit in my recliner I can look out the front window and see the sun rise. Some mornings as the sun comes up when there are clouds and the sky is painted red, orange, yellow and blue and watching that slowly happen will leave you in awe.

This photo is a sun rise just as it starts to happen. As I sit in my recliner, see the sun slowly start to arise I enjoy the quiet of the morning, do my prayers and bible readings I figure it is a good way to start the day. As I sit and admire I can also ponder things. This morning I was pondering about Bozwell. Our past dog Ben had gotten old, 13 years, and had suddenly gotten sick, and had what we thought was a brain tumor as he suddenly went blind. I believe we knew in our heart that he was dying but we were afraid to admit it to ourselves. Our vet had made an appointment with a specialist in Colorado Springs that is a 4 hour drive. The morning we got up to drive Ben to the Springs for his appointment he died before we could leave. The pain and anguish of that morning is still very real to us.

What this all has to do with Bozwell is the series of events that follow Ben's death. Little did we know that one week to the day prior to Ben's death there was a German Shepherd puppy born in Columbus, Ohio, and how that puppy would impact our lives. When Ben went blind and died Bozwell's eye's were not yet open and he was a small bundle of fur, just as blind as Ben. He would then be purchased by a couple who wanted to own a GSD but that is all. When he was 8 months old he opened the gate where he probably spent most of his time alone, and went on an adventure that brought him to us.

He ran loose for a period of time before he was caught and placed in a kill shelter. His owner never even looked for him or checked to see if he had been caught. In fact it was over two months that they finally called the shelter and were referred to the rescue in Colorado where he had been saved and adopted to us. Said they had a personal problem but was glad he had found a good home.

While on the 'streets' he had drank some contaminated water, got giardia and treated at the shelter for that. Had injured his left rear foot badly and still has the scar. He had somehow stayed at the shelter two weeks longer that allowed, and was due to be put down when rescued. He was transported to Colorado by a trucker in a crate. He had arrived the day prior to our adopting him.

In the interim we had come to realize that unless we adopted another dog the pain and hurt from Ben dying would not go away. Up to that point we refused to even think of another dog let alone a GSD. We never wanted to go through that again with losing a dog we loved more than life itself. Carol saw a photo of Bozwell, showed it to me and we both immediately knew that he was the dog for us. The rest is history. Not only is he amazing, the pain of losing Ben was soothed.

So as I sit here and watch the sun rise and ponder, I ponder how God had made provision for us the entire way and how he brought Bozwell to Colorado while at the same time convincing us we needed to adopt again and Bozwell was the dog. Some would call this coincidence but I call it part of God's plan for us because I was not easy to convince and that could only come from God.

So seeing a beautiful sunrise, having time to reflect and ponder and knowing that God is watching out for our (and Bozwell's) every need I am thankful. Sometime's we just need to get up early and do a little pondering. Do you ever take time to ponder?

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Mike McFall said...

WOW, what a beautiful and touching story Bruce!! I also like to get up early, 4am to be exact. I enjoy the peace and quiet and gives me a chance to talk to God and some of his angel's....... I catch a lot of flack from friends for getting up that early.....Ms Pat thought I was crazy until she tried it, now she is right up there with me. That's how I met Ms Megabyte2,,,up early outside in the dark walking around looking at the sky, when I heard this little "meow"... that's how it all started.... We saved her live and she saved ours!! All planned by God in Heaven.....Praise the Lord!!

I love your story and will refer folks to it in an effort to support my early rising!!