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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prospecting With Friends

What better way than to spend time with friends digging in the dirt and enjoying good company, have lots of laughs, and find a little gold in the process.

As Dave, Cindy and Mary look for that elusive gold, Lori sits on the bank holding the days find in her lap as Rob approaches from the back.

As Dave and Cindy work down a pan of dirt to see what they have, Rob is counting all the pieces of gold in his pan - which took a while.
Lori and Dave are discussing whether they want to buy a Leer jet or stretch limo with all the gold, while Cindy and Rob pan out more gold.
Frank is holding up his shovel - prospecting is hard work. Frank had been hard at work processing those concentrates.
Rob is smiling over all the gold he intends to find. Just shovel up those big chunks - why bother with that small stuff. As the day wore on and the work intensified he wasn't smiling as much but the enthusiasm never wained in the least.

At the days end, there was gold in every pan and not shown were Armando and Michelle who worked hard all day, and had some color to show for their hard work as well. In our prospecting we checked out Rob and Lori's property and gold was found there.

There is nothing like being outdoors on a beautiful day, digging around in a creek, panning for gold. Especially when done in excellent company and friendship. While that Leer jet and stretch limo may have to wait for another day, memories were made, fun was had, and bonds were strengthened. I call that a good day under any circumstances, and then to have some color in the pan is an added bonus.


Pat said...

There’s probably gold everywhere around there but on our property … Glad you had such a good day, whether it turned into big bucks or not…

Bruce said...

Pat: I'm sure there is gold on your property too, just that is is hiding where we have not looked yet.