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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mountain Wild Flowers

Even in drought conditions the wild flowers are beautiful. These were taken this morning on our property. They are everywhere and if we finally get the rain the weather person promised later today there will be even more.

Lupine, grow in the ditches along the road.

Columbine - the State of Colorado official flower. They grow all over the State and especially on our property.

Larkspur. This one just happened to be directly in the sun light when I first observed it which is why I went back for the camera initially. When I came back with the camera the shaft of sun light had moved that spot lighted it but it was just as beautiful in the shade.

Wild roses that grow along the front wall of our deck. They not only are beautiful but smell wonderful too. We have beautiful wild roses all around our house that have grown there naturally.

ENJOY... and if you click on the photo's they will enlarge.

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