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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mountain Top Views

It was a beautiful day to hike to the top of our mountain. The good part is that all we need to do is walk out our back door and head straight up the mountain. Going up is not so bad but coming down is hard. The below photo is standing perched on top of our mountain, directly back from our house, and looking toward the West. We live at 9,750' and the top of the mountain is 10,500' which doesn't sound like much of a climb but the closer you get to the top the more vertical it becomes.
We hike 40-50 feet and stop and rest. The upward hike takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. It takes one hour to hike down. For someone with bad knees the down part is the worst. I feel like one of those stick figure men on a stick that when you jiggle them the legs go every which way. There are loose rocks, pine cones, and broken and fallen trees to watch out for coming down. But as the photo's below reveal, the hike is well worth it in wonderful views. Click on the photo and it will enlarge.

Carol sitting directly on top of the mountain looking to the East and the expanse of open.
This is looking to the northeast, and the bald mountain is Mt. Mestas which is around 12,000 + feet in elevation. Today it was a little hazy but usually you can have your picnic and look both ways off the top of the mountain and see for endless miles.
So today we went to the top of the mountain, had a picnic, sat and enjoyed the view, and took in all the beautiful sights. Now time for a nap....


Deirdre said...

Wow. What an expanse of glory. And then, there's that neat wife of yours, too. Rickety knees or not, you have a good life my friend! God has already blessed you, but may He continue to shower your world with grace

Armando said...

"We found a decent amount of wild strawberries. Found one raspberry bush that had a bunch. But other then that they are all late it looks like or not going to produce at all :( We didn't do so well gardening this year. The rabbits got into and ate just about everything. This is war! I"ll be buying a pellet gun this year and those rabbits will be dinner!"

Bruce said...

Yes Deirdre: I am very blessed. When my old legs/knees are painful or wobbly I think about those coming back from war with no legs at all.
I just posted a blog on Mother about the mountain top. As soon as its live I'll post it on FB.
Armando: You might not actually have to shoot those rabbits. I just went out and had a long talk with the deer to keep them out of my garden. I told them I didn't care if I ate vegetables or venison, but I preferred vegetables. They got the message and we have lived peacefully ever since. Just give them a good talking to. LOL

Pat said...

"Loved your ME article and your blog... That must be something to see... I admire you and Carol in being able to actually do this hike..."

Anonymous said...

Bruce, you and Carol should come try the trail Manuel and I have been building for the last few years. It sure helps to hike on a level surface that's not full of treacherous rocks!

Mary Anne

Carol said...

Mary Anne, we will look forward to that sometime!!! It is always worth the risk.......:)+