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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Memories Made/Carol

Bruce was looking through an old CD of downloaded and pictures and sent me a few of them....of memories made. This photo was taken back in 2003 while camping and here is the story.

Back in 1994 Bruce and I had driven from Harrisburg to Colorado in the beginning of November to work a bit on our cabin. However, the old wood stove that the contractor had put in the cabin leaked smoke (it is now the one we use for the cowboy breakfasts) so after two days and nights, we headed back home. We got there on Thursday and Bruce still had Friday off as a vacation day so we headed for the Humane Society. We liked to go down there just to visit the dogs. And there we saw Ben.  He had just arrived the day before and was a beautiful long-haired German Shepherd...a stray. He came to the inside gate of the kennel and started chewing on it. Bruce told him NO...and he stopped. Our hearts were stolen. He wasn't going to be available for adoption until Monday so we left. As we looked back, he was the only dog that had come out side of his kennel to watch us leave! On Monday I loaded Clarence, our golden retriever/basset hound mix  into the truck with me and we went to meet Ben...and the rest is history.

Gypsy moved in with us after we moved here in 1997...I am thinking in 2001...and she has been with us ever since! Ben passed on in 2007; he was the best of dogs. He sold us on having a German Shepherd with us until we can no longer have any pets.

Making memories................

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