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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decisions - How They Impact Your Future

I have posted a blog to Mother Earth News on making choices and decisions and how they impact your life down the road. Choosing to live remote as we do. To view the introduction go to:

I hope to post future blog topics on matters such as purchasing raw acreage, choosing a home, medical and dental care living remote, clearing and lot improvement, location of well and septic tank, building a house, clear property and wood lot maintenance, purchase of tractor, chain saws, time alone and how to cope, and volunteering.

There may be other remote living choices and decisions both good and bad ones that I hope to help others to improve on those decisions that worked for us and to avoid making bad decisions. It appears to be a fun series of blog topics and will explain some of the do's and don't's of remote mountain living and I hope it will benefit readers.

So if you enjoy the topics or want amplification on any of them - please ask questions.


M2 said...

Sounds like a great set of topics. My wife and I just purchased some raw land around 8800 ft in the SDCR.

Being that we're in the early stages of planning and research into the "how to's" of owner/building in Costilla County we'd love to read your story and maybe learn from some of your experiences.

Trying to do this from Maryland will be an interesting venture I'm sure.


Bruce said...

Thanks M2: We managed to do it from Harrisburg, PA so its really not that hard to do it from MD. Its best to start early. I will try to cross post these topic links for Mother Earth News on our personal blog site in case you don't read the Mother blogs. I hope what we have learned will help you in some way.