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Monday, March 19, 2012

Birds And Windows Don't Mix

Moments ago a chickadee flew into the front window. That happens occasionally but this one hit very hard. I went out immediately and picked him up off the deck like I have done so many times before and cradled him in my hand to warm up until he could regain his senses. Usually it takes from 15 minutes to up to 30 minutes for them to recover
I brought him in the house where it was warmer and hoped that would help. After about 15 minutes he died in my hand. I'm sad to have him die but I'm glad that he didn't die alone. He was being caressed and comforted when he left this world.
Very few actually die but this one just couldn't pull it out and make it. I have spent up to two hours working on other birds that have had the misfortune to have flown into the window but this little guy (about the size of my thumb) couldn't make make it.
I sure hate to lose even one of these little guys.


Barbara J. Galasso said...

Oh that's so sad Bruce! One time a bird flew into my car as I was driving down the highway. I was so upset that it remained with me for the rest of the day. I don't like killing anything.....well except for spiders and other creepy crawlies!

dan waits said...

we have the same thing going on here at the farmhouse. hang something in front of it like a mobile or a feeder, or put some removable decals or stickers. it helps. some still fly into it, but it's slowed down since

dan waits said...

we have the same problem here at the farmhouse.

try hanging a mobile or feeder in front of the window. or maybe put a removable decal or sticker.

some still fly into it, but it's less than it used to be

btw, I enjoy your blogs ;-)