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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Colorado Wildfire Update

Up date on Colorado wildfires.  I have lost track of the wildfires that are burning our State - turning it into a cinder.  With temperatures at 101+ degrees, wind, and extreme dry conditions we have serious wildfire conditions and wildfires are happening all over our State.

Resources are being pulled from one wildfire to the new fires which are popping up everywhere.  Leadville, Pagosa Springs, Estes Park, Colorado Springs,  four corners area (2 wildfires) and some I can't keep up with.  Our whole state is tinder dry and wildfires are breaking out all over the State.  Resources are tired, exhausted, and running thin. Some are caused by dry lightning and some are caused by man. It makes no difference because with conditions as they are even a small wildfire quickly turns into a large fire.

The High Park Fire was 60% contained and is now only 45% contained.  It has consumed up to 236 structures and across the State of Colorado many families are now homeless and sifting the ashes of what used to be their homes - hoping to find something of their past. High Park has turned back on itself and some people have had to evacuate up to three times.  Their homes may still end up being consumed. It has consumed 75,537 acres.

The news crew in Denver Channel 9 can't even keep up with all the wildfires.  We are breaking heat records every day.  There is no relief in sight, weather wise, and the news people say there isn't hardly a place in the State that can't see smoke from a wildfire. We can see it and smell it even though none (fingers crossed) are close to us.

Tomorrow it going to be from 105 to 112 degrees and the wind will continue. Heat records are being set each day.  The abundant snow we had over the winter has caused the ground cover to grow high and now with no rain or moisture it has created a serious wildfire threat.

Our firefighting resources are strained, and the National Guard has been called into some areas.  If this keeps up Colorado is going to be a charcoal depository. There are only so many airplanes that can drop water and fire retardant and they are fire hopping trying to keep up with new fires breaking out.  Not a good situation for Colorado and our beautiful mountains and meadows.


Mike said...

My prayers are with you.......!!

Sakoieta said...

Hoping all of you stay safe in this type of scenario. Nothing is worse than losing a home or losing the beauty of the mountains. Take care. Many prayers are being sent your way.

Bruce said...

The wildfires have avoided our particular area so far. Our area is as dry and dangerous as other parts of the State. We are hoping the fires miss us but our hearts go out to those who have been adversely effected by the ravages of wildfire.
Our particular community has one way in and one way out and should any wildfire break out between us the our escape route we would be stuck. That is why we have a lot of water stored up and have faced the house in stone which doesn't burn. Thank you for your prayers as they are a comfort to us.

Raylene said...

I well remember driving up my driveway on a very warm Jan evening and seeing an orange glow in all of my upstaicrs windows. I have been gone just up the street for about an hour and my whole world has changed.....again. I truly believe that "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is my sincere hope that the Almighty does not have one more challenge of such magnitude for me...I survived an unexpected divorce that was done very badly, a major house fire, and pray there is not one more Challenge of such magnitude out there looking for I fear it would be my children or grands. Every time I see/hear something about the fires, I say a prayer.