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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Up Date On Colorado Wildfires

Latest update is that the fire near Boulder is at the edge of the City, and the one in Colorado Springs went through a suburb and burned most of the houses.  At last report they had no idea how many homes were now ashes.   Nice neighborhood with expensive homes.  I don't know how many wildfires are burning at present but last report was about 12.  We called friends in the Springs and they were evacuated last night at 8:00 P.M. and have no idea if their home was spared or not.  Terrible feeling. The total evacuee's were 32,000 yesterday and last night.  Where do you put 32,000 people anyway.  
The subdivision that burned last night in the Springs had many houses turned to ash.  The Red Cross is still distributing sifting boxes so people can go through ashes in the hopes of recovering something.  Our beautiful mountains are black and all ash.   As the news crew was flying over this morning they were saying 100-200 and just kept going up there are so many homes destroyed.  News reporters keep saying it can't get much worse but then it seems to get worse.  SEND US RAIN please.  Our Governor said he saw many fires burning and they were homes and not the forest.


Patricia said...

I'm glad we came up last week because Colorado is a pretty scary place right now! Of course no hot dry state is exempt from wildfires; Texas has had plenty in the past.

Praying for rain and praying for all those involved.

Raylene said...

It bothers me more to see the forest burning than to hear of homes being lost…one can rebuild a home but not a forest. It is a huge loss to loose a home, I certainly understand that but a home is recoverable to an extent. A forest and the animals---not so much and certainly not too fast. Keep safe.