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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Wildfire Update

Waldo Canyon Fire:  Our friends in the Springs are going to be briefed whether their home was saved or not.  They think it is okay from what they can see from I-25, but can't be sure. It is going to smell like smoke for sure.  There were 34 Streets of homes in Colorado Springs with homes destroyed.  Their initial estimate is that there are 346 homes destroyed.  36,000 evacuated.  There may be more than 346 homes but they can't tell the exact amount.  There is a meeting tonight at 8:00 PM for those who live in the area to find out if their home is one of those destroyed.

High Park wildfire had 340 + homes burned and is now 75% contained.
Estes Park had 26 homes burned.

Denver News reported today that the FBI will be investigating all the wildfires in Colorado.  That implies that some of these fires may have been set.  I seem to recall a terrorist plan to do this so maybe they want to rule out that possibility or confirm it.  One wildfire was caused by fireworks - with the entire state under a total fireworks and fire ban.

We are getting a break in the weather now with some answer to prayer and that is rain showers and cooler temperatures, which have provided the firefighters a chance to make progress on these numerous wildfires.

Tomorrow the President is coming to see the devastation and tour the damage.  This is going to have long term implications for Colorado and the entire country.  I'm sure that we will learn more as the FBI completes its investigation.  Colorado is still dangerously dry and the wildfires are not out but are being reduced and contained.  The fires continue to burn but with the resources available the firefighters have a chance now to beat them down.  If the FBI identifies anyone who intentionally set any of these fires I doubt there will be a rock that person can hide under to evade authorities.

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