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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Final Journey - Final Decision

When overcome with emotion people have a tendency to write tear jerk comments especially when they have lost a loved one.  The above photo is Gypsy on her last day.  This is not one of those tear jerk articles but instead one I would be very negligent not to share with readers.  We have gone through months of roller coaster rides with Gypsy.  Some days she had great difficulty getting up and down.  Recently when she would lower herself down, she would leak.  Minor things would upset her bowels and we had noted tinges of blood in her urine on occasion. We had also  noted  occasional drips of blood on her bed or floor. We didn't know which end was leaking . She had been treated for bladder infections and results were temporary.  She would be listless.  Then the next day she would act like she was 5 years old again and be symptom free.

We have had her in and out of the vet numerous times and many possible diagnosis were rendered and many treatments attempted.  If any of our readers are not believers then you will probably call the real purpose of this story coincidence.  I tend to believe that it is a God incidence and answer to prayer.

Deciding what was best for Gypsy has been a long complicated situation because of  her liveliness following a bad day.  I had prayed for weeks for a sign  to do what was right for her.  After a particularly bad day Monday we decided to take her to the vet one last time to see what her real problem was and if there was any treatment that could help her.   If she had an abscessed tooth that was causing the periodic bleeding or something more serious.  We expected with all her problems we may have to say goodbye but wanted to see if there was any possibility that we could enjoy another week, month or year with her and provide her a continued comfortable life.

Yesterday was one of her good days where she seemed very normal giving us doubts again.  As we were walking around the outside waiting area with her while she slowly sniffed all the smells of other dogs I saw what I thought was blood on her nose.  I checked her carefully and she was freely bleeding from the nose.  She would lick it off and that is why on examination we couldn't ever find the source of bleeding.  God had waited until exactly the right time to give us that sign or symptom.  I told the vet what had just happened and he said that was a serious condition for a 15.5 year old pet and agreed that it was time to relieve her from her suffering.  It was time to say goodbye!

So whether you believe in God incidents or not or how you want to attribute this situation is up to you but for me I know all those prayers were answered standing out in front of the vet's office.  Months of prayers were finally answered and Gypsy is no longer suffering or in pain. God's timing could not have been more perfect.  I am perfectly at peace now knowing that we were given that sign and that the right decision was made for Gypsy.  Our vet was in complete agreement and Gypsy is now free of pain and having to cope with so many problems.  We did what was right for her but it doesn't make her loss any less painful. Knowing is a tremendous help. God's answer to prayer is sure, and His timing is perfect.  Amen


Anonymous said...

The signs are always there and always come when we really take the time to leave things in the hands of a loving Creator to guide us and show us which path to take. Sending you many thoughts of peace and friendship. Losing a family member is always difficult.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys. <3 Sasha

Robert said...

Thanks for sharing. Sue and I are very sorry for your loss of Gypsy. Skip

Dawn said...

God is infinite in His Wisdom. Gypsy is free from the body that was failing her and
is now pure light and love...she is never more than a breath away from those who
gave her such devotion on this plain and will be waiting patiently to guide
them to THEIR final home on the other side.

Jane said...

God bless all of you -- may His peace permeate your days and may her memory be forever emblazoned on your hearts…..

DogMom said...

I believe. He knows best. Always. God bless you both and God bless Gypsy.

Raylene said...

I am so sorry to hear of Gypsy’s passing. I am not good about checking email these days as I am on the computer for 8 plus hours at work. If a pet is a family member, the sorrow is great…I have experienced it more than a few times. Thankfully, when Bailie died in the house fire, it was readily apparent it was in his sleep. I pretty much that those that are children of God include all He has created—All things Great and Small. It is the Blessing of the Animals this coming Sunday at church and I will say a special prayer for dearest Gypsy. Blessings on her Earthbound family. RR