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Thursday, September 20, 2012

It is that time of year again when we have to be on the alert for poachers.  I alluded to poachers in an earlier blog but a further explanation is as follows:  Our property backs up to thousands of acres that belong to Louis Bacon's vast ranch.  Because our end of the the road parallels several miles of his remote property poachers seem to like to sneak onto his property from our area to illegally hunt.  Several years ago some poachers parked on our road and went to hunt on what was Malcolm Forbes property prior to Mr. Bacon purchasing the ranch.  I reported them to the game warden who was able to catch them and arrested them for poaching.  The fines were hefty and their loss of equipment was substantial.

The following year they returned to take pot shots at us to scare us.  That didn't quite work out like they planned as I quickly armed myself and chased them down the mountain with every intention of shooting to kill if necessary.  We play by different rules and I play for keeps when it comes to being shot at.  They have not been back since.  It is one thing to try to try to scare someone but the game changes  when that person then comes after you.

Since then the poachers have refined their techniques.  They still use our road and since we are the only house along this stretch of road they pass right by our house but we can tell from the way they drive by they are up to no good.  We can also see where they drive almost within sight of our house and then turn around in the road and head back.  We have also noted that they now drop off  poachers at intervals along the road and then pick them up later so that their vehicle won't be seen parked along the road.  We have identified some locations where they gain access and previously followed one of them driving along the road who was marking likely spots where animals cross.  We once heard them shoot an elk and we could hear them winch it into the back of their truck.  The entire process took less than 5 minutes and by the time the game warden arrived they were long gone.

So that is the situation with poachers.  Some believe they come in from outside our community but they are actually people who likely are members of our community.  I truly hate poachers and their sneaky tactics.  I will not hesitate to report them. Poachers shoot animals that are in an area which they believe is safe and they are not usually hunted.  They are a blight on society and our community.  They devise ways to hunt illegally instead of following the rules that other law abiding hunters  follow.  They make a mockery of our hunting laws and regulations by doing their own thing and thumbing their nose at the legal hunters who  follow the rules.  They bait animals into an area and then shoot them.  I wonder why others don't hate them too?  What is there to like with sneaky law breaking bottom feeders like this?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Poachers were here in colonial times and were dealt harsh penalties for shooting the king's deer. It might be a good move to get the game department to put a fake elk out and catch them in the act. We have had good results keeping them out but then I am a hateful SOB.

Patricia said...

I'm with you Bruce. I hate poachers too. IMO they are scum and should be dealt with harshly. Poachers are people who lack true hunting skills so they have to cheat and bait and kill animals through illegal means in protected areas. I'm sure they go home and brag about their big kills, but they are no different than athletes who use steriods to "win". It's all a big lie. I have no respect for lawbreakers. Kudos to you for not looking the other way.

I would prefer that Forbes Park change it's rules and prohibit anyone from accessing hunting lands via Forbes Park (easier to spot poachers that way). I think too many of our residents are abusing this privilege. Let Forbes Park be the animal sanctuary it was meant to be. Hunters need to go elsewhere.

Pat said...

Just a thought... Several cheap game cams aimed at the poacher drop spots?

Jane said...

I totally agree!!! But payback will be the hell where they go when they’re done here – sooooo no worries – they aren’t near as smart as they think they are! L