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Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Trail Camera Photo's

 Working their way up the mountain just a few minutes ago.  Up the mountain is a safe haven for them.  We have already had three highly suspicious vehicles on our road; apparently road hunting in a restricted area.  Our association has some new hunting rules in place where you call the park manager and if they are not in you call an alternative number of two armed guards with body armor who are suppose to deal with poachers can be notified.  A recipe for disaster if you ask me.  There is also an 800 number for the game warden to report poachers.  I'll use that one.  Sending two armed guards out with assault rifles will only harass honest hunters using the park for access to the national forest, plus poachers will shoot first and flee the area.  I do not want a gun battle around our home.
Maybe they will get their act together soon and have us report the poachers to the proper authorities.  I recognized one poacher but to report it to the association will only make us the victim as the poacher may be friends with those who would respond and claim they were only looking for game to view.  Most people don't drive very slow in a pick-up truck with full camo on searching the woods.    These will be the last photo's of game until after hunting season as the neighborhood poachers watch this blog site for hot information.  Guaranteed that after I post these photos the  poachers will be driving up and down our road today but it will be too late as the elk have gone up the mountain.


Pat said...

Be careful -- this poacher you think you know -- is he the same guy that drove slowly and menacingly by you house a few weeks ago?

Bruce said...

No that was someone else.