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Monday, September 17, 2012

Friends By Sakoieta Widrick

Relationships are a very fragile thing. I have been taught that in these relationships people need to constantly offer their best but also feel that if a friend is truly a friend they can also see us at our worst and still remain a friend and even help us to leave our worst behind. I was also taught that we are to always show respect and dignity to the person, but if there was anything that needed to be addressed between people, that in a very kind and caring way we address a behavior that may seem inappropriate, unkind in nature, or even insulting to us and that we are always to work towards improving the relationship rather than hurting it or abandoning it. The two definitely are to be treated differently. We always show respect for the person but if need be address the behavior. If more people understood this there would be less fighting among people, more tolerance and more understanding. We might find life a bit more sweeter.

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