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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zucchini Test - True/False

Guess which zucchini I grew?  For the full story go to:


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce. Reading a few of your posts, I'll guess (without specifically sending an insult) that it's the teeny one in the middle. Ouch. I'll share some with you. We have another bumper crop, and am hoping this warm fall weather lets us get more. We even have a bunch of spaghetti squash and some cucumbers this season. Good luck wit the rest of your garden this year. Steve

Bruce said...

I wouldn't perceive that as an insult Steve. I have come to recognize that there are some things I'm just not able to grow here. Our nights are cool (43 degrees now) and our days are also cool. Yesterday in the 60's. Our growing period is short. I started the zucchini inside and when the ground was warm enough I replanted it outside. Still not good enough to grow to maturity.
Leaf vegetables grow well and I'll stick by them. I glad you have a good harvest. If we lived in a different location we would have better conditions for growing. It is just one of those things and I'm very happy for those who are able to grow good crops.
We also have MANY rodents to contend with and they are all nice and healthy from gobbling up our raspberries, currents and gooseberry.
You sure guessed right on that tiny zucchini was one I grew. I just accept not being able to grow some vegetables as a consequence of living where we do. Enjoy your harvest..