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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When I was young I set out to work at many jobs so I could see how our people were treated in the workforce. I worked at McDonalds as the bun boy. LOL. I worked at a car sales washing cars, as a cook, as a van converter, as a cross cultural conflict resolution worker, as a student advisor, as a cultural educator, a Native elder for prison, carpenter, a spiritual\cultural care coordinator, and a Native studies and language instructor and though it all I travelled many miles throughout the states and Canada. Often the travelling was long and hard and I met many people, good people who were Native and non-Native. I learned alot. But the greatest journey that I learned about was how long and how hard it was to be able to make the journey from my head to my heart and back again. I had to learn how to see through the fog that was always present and to be able to find that which was real and meaningful. Even though fog has no real substance, it obscures the things that need to be seen. It is risky to stay in the fog. It causes a blindness that may not even be physical blindness but a blindness of the heart. A blind heart says too much and really hears nothing. Ears that really hear and eyes that are clear and truly see through the fog are the best gifts we can find in life. They are very great blessings whether the hearing and seeing are physical or spiritual.

More wisdom from my friend Sakoieta'  -  read and learn from a wise friend.  Re posted with permission. 

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