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Monday, December 10, 2012

Finally Some Snow

Finally we received 8" of snow yesterday to bring our snow to date to 11" compared to the 115" we had at this time last year.  We need the snow for moisture and it keeps our surface lakes full.  We are way behind what is normal and hopefully we will catch up because we still have 5 months of snow season ahead of us.

It was 0 degrees when I woke up this morning with the wind blowing snow everywhere.  Hope it does not blow it away because we need it right here.  With a 30 MPH wind the chill factor was -25 degrees.  With the sun coming out it has now warmed up to 5 degrees.  Maybe it will warm up enough to get the tractor started and clear some of the snow and drifts later today.

When it gets cold and windy like this we usually get up in the night to keep the wood stove going so it doesn't get real cold inside.  We went from temperatures in the 50's to 0 in a heartbeat.  Glad we watch the weather forecast and were ready.. Maybe now we can put away our summer clothes for a few months.

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