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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dealing With Change - By Sakoieta

It is one of life’s unwritten rules that when changes occur we have to be able to adapt to the change. Yet it is also true that when we are affected by change and even encouraged to work with change it is a decision that we make from our inner being. Real change comes from the inside. I heard before that some people say it is like understanding how useless it is to put a warped container inside a good one in hopes of straightening it out. That will only spoil the good one. The stuff they are made of has to be workable if either is to be saved. It is possible to wait a long time for a situation to change so that we can change. It won’t happen. We have to change first - our thoughts, our attitudes, and very often our reasons. If we are ever to be totally free of miserable or unhappy circumstances we will have to remold our own human spirit to the will of the natural created order and its Creator. That is the only help we have that is not based on money or dependency on someone who is equally weak.

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