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Monday, May 20, 2013

Experience Is The Best Teacher - By Sakoieta'

As parents, grandparents and great grandparents, many of us would gladly take the responsibility of dealing with hurt and pain for those we love. We feel with our experiences at life we would have the ability to be more capable of bearing it and carrying it. We want to leave those we love as unscathed and near perfect as we possibly can. In doing so we would fail to allow these others to have to deal with the same types of pain, confusion, anger, disappointment, and hurt that actually made us who we are today. We must allow those we love to use their own strength and learn what is good, bad, true or false in their own lives in order for them to grow as a person as we did. Not so different from us they for sure have made unwise choices. It may also be hard for them to believe that our experiences in life were any near as wretched at times as theirs are. But we have to allow other people to exercise and put down their feet so they develop the strength to take a stand. How can they ever develop strong legs or become strong if they don’t exercise standing on their own two feet?

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