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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Strive For Personal Balance - By Sakoieta

Whatever begins in anger
ends in shame.  
Benjamin Franklin

Striving for personal balance each day is a matter of learning self-restraint, steadiness and consistency. It’s always good if we have some of each every day. We want to believe we know a good thing when we see it and because we can see it we know it is possible for us to have it as well. Balance means living squarely or with truth. It means seeing that what we believe and what we talk about dictate what we get out of life as well as what we give back. If we shortchange people, we eventually get shortchanged ourselves. If we whip and beat and scheme to get the better of someone, time will equalize it. No one really gets away with anything. We all love to win, but if we win deceitfully, we will face reciprocity. In life the truth is we get what we give - good or bad.

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