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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around - By Sakioeta'

Be nice to others as things turn around eventually

I believe it is appropriate behavior and just plain good manners to always treat all people equally and with dignity. I have never been a groupie or a follower of any one person or group of people. I learned a long time ago that time is the great equalizer. Some one who may think they are better than others suddenly find that time has been like a trickster and they are now at the hands of those who they originally thought were "beneath" them in status. It is important that we always recognize the value of a human being as a distinct person with a history, a culture, a system of belief that cannot in reality be found anywhere else in the world. As such people are sacred and should be treated as such. Those who refuse to do so one day find themselves on the receiving end of an unequal relationship that they initiated.

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