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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mountain Living Benefits

July 17, 2013 temperture

Sure hate to rub it in (well, okay maybe not so much) but this was the temperture when we woke up this morning. It was even colder yesterday at 42 degrees. 
There are some advanages to living at 9,750' in elevation and one of those advantages is our summers are ideal.  We usuallly get about two weeks of really warm tempertures (85 daytime) to where we actually run a fan at night only to move the cool air around.  I know this is painful for our friends who live in parts of the country that have opressive heat but hey, you make fun of us when we get 4-6' of snow in the winter so just chalk it up to karma.  What goes around comes around. 
Living in the mountains is a lifestyle and this is clearly one of the benefits of that lifestyle. It's 9:30 AM now and the temperature is only up to 59 degrees.  Ahhhhh, natures air conditioning is sure working fine. I know I'm opening myself up for more abuse this winter when we get the heavy snow but its not winter yet so for now I'm just content with watching people sweat on the evening news and loving our weather here.  

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Bruce said...

Comment by Jane:Ha!ha! you are way too funny and yes, we are one of the sweaty ones….but it’s only 98 today, so we’re reveling in that…but of course, the monsoon clouds are overhead and ready to dump on us – which of course we’re hoping for….but wow – I had no idea it got down that low in summer???? That is just too cool (in a good way!) thanks for sharing and no, we won’t be feeling sorry for you -- Jane