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Thursday, August 15, 2013

CPVC Plumbing Tips

Check out the new blog on Mother Earth News about some plumbing tips that may be useful.  Find it at:


Keith Whitmore said...

I read your article in mother earth News. And, I was just wondering just what type of plastic pipe you were talking about. You stated using CPVC & also PVC. Those are two entirely different animals. And,price wise CPVC is more expensive. And, is used on different product. You can use CPVC on hot acid but not CPV which you can't. You can use both on water but, why go for the pricier CPVC when PVC will do??

Bruce said...

Good question Keith: I use CPVC on any pipe that supplies water that will come in contact with our person. Perhaps PVC could be used if price is an issue but I use CPVC. It was recommended to me by a plumber so that is why I use CPVC. Beyond that I have no specific reason other than it was recommended by a plumber so I go with it.