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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Choosing Words Carefully - By Sakoieta'

Words are so important yet so many times we use them so carelessly and casually without any real regard as to who we are speaking with and what those words might mean to the listener. There are the right words to say at times and the right way of saying them but many times we hit on a touchy subject and say the wrong words. Instead of really listening to what we were saying we were just speaking casually when we really should have been paying attention what we were saying and how our words were being heard. Over the years as we mature and make friends and heck, maybe even keep some, lol, we learn the art of speaking and diplomacy. Most of it was and is learned by learning to control our tongues. No matter how close we are to someone or to other people it doesn’t give us the right to say whatever we please.

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