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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Squirrels - Mushrooms & Toad Stools

Yesterday as I was walking at the end of our property I found two very pretty mushrooms.  Today I went back to get a photo of them and the squirrels had already gotten them. I found several others however and here are their photos.  In fact they are coming up all over the place.  The ground squirrels are in heaven now.
This one was pretty large and the squirrels have not touched it or some of the others so they must be the ones that make you see funny things or are just plain poison.

I'm not sure but these may be safe but since I'm not sure I wouldn't touch them.  They grow all over the place however and this year these and others are really abundant. Squirrels are happy, happy, happy...
I'm sure most will realize that this is not a mushroom.  Seems we had a big cat this morning and it was still very fresh when I saw it on the trail.

I just thought this was a pretty photo with all these little button like mushrooms.  When we start to see these we know it won't be long before snow season starts.  That is our second season here, snow season and no snow season...

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