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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LIve For Today - By Sakoieta'

No matter what has happened in the past, the past is the past. If I or any others had any better information or knowledge on how to do things back then we might have done things differently. Other wise all that can be said is that as human beings who strive to live life in a good way, and to treat people as honestly, fair, and right as we could, that we did as good as we could do with the information, guidance and wisdom we had for us to use at the time. For people to anguish over what was done in the past is foolish. If it was good enjoy the memory. If it was bad use it as a lesson to help us today to be better people. If there was something that was done that was intentionally wrong, then yes healing will take longer. Most of our regrets are either imagined or history. Today is August 28, 2013, it is not back five years ago, ten years ago, or twenty years ago, so live today and either recognize and enjoy the memories of the past or use them as lessons to teach us how to live better days today and definitely strive for a better tomorrow.

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