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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Professional Carpet Cleaning A Necessity

 The back half of our cabin is carpeted in commercial grade indoor/outdoor carpet.  We chose this high grade carpet because our dogs are in and out - in and out - in and out many times a day and when there is snow or rain outside it gets tracked in by 12 large doggy feet and 4 human feet. To compensate for this we also bought a Bissel carpet shampoo machine. For the past 5 years we have diligently used the carpet shampoo machine. We would regularly clean the carpet then rinse two or three times.  What we found is that accumulation over the years with our domestic carpet cleaning machine did a good job but in the long haul not a totally adequate job. It therefore became necessary to have the carpet professionally cleaned due to the ground in dirt and dog smell.
Carol got the telephone book out and began a search for a quality professional carpet cleaning company to restore our carpet.  When she got to Domingo Estrada she hit the jackpot. Domingo answered all her questions and concerns about getting our carpet restored and conducted himself professionally. She scheduled a time to clean our carpet and Domingo showed up on time and got right to work on the carpet. His professional performance left us with carpet that was equal to when it was new. 

Even with the top line carpet the home grade carpet cleaner did not keep up with 3 large dogs and two humans tracking in snow and dirt. Domingo left us with clean smelling carpets and a fast and professional and courteous job that was reasonably priced. If you have accumulated dirt in your carpet, used a domestic carpet cleaner over the years and have pets to add to the accumulation I would highly recommend ProClean and Domingo from Alamosa. He uses green products that are safe and non toxic and he is prompt, efficient and the price is very reasonable. His telephone number is on the side of his truck in the photo and his professional cleaning experience will leave your carpet as good as new. Installing carpet is expensive and to keep it in good condition and looking new professional cleaning like Domingo provides is just the ticket and will save money in the long run. 

If you are looking for clean carpet and unwanted pet odors I suggest ProClean and Domingo.   


james shon said...

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Lee John said...

Without hiring professionals for Cleaning tasks, it is very difficult to handle the things in their own way. So, professionals have a great value in our society.

Anonymous said...

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