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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Changes In An Instant

This is what is known as a FP Walker Foam Pneumatic air cast.  Sunday morning I was heading down to the basement and had on my Croc's (a pretty stupid thing to do) and did not see that the step was icy and slipped and fell. I was fairly certain that I had broken something. One foot went out from under me and the other was at an awkward angle under me with my foot sticking out to the side. I heard an audible snap and Carol who was getting firewood from the shed 75 feet away heard it up there also.
Finally got in to see the doctor yesterday and had an X-Ray and I have a transverse fracture of the ankle. Looks like I will be laid up for a while. Presently they are having me keep the ankle elevated to reduce the swelling so tomorrow I can get a more permanent cast done. Maybe now I will be able to keep this blog sight a little more current and up to date.
You never know what is coming your way - start the morning normally and next thing is you are in a pneumatic air cast and waiting for a bone to heal. When you live in the mountains it is never a good time to be laid up, especially when you heat with a wood stove. Fortunately I have a caring wife who can handle many of the tasks but I do regret that it will place a hardship on her.  Several years ago she fell out of our camper and broke three bones in her foot and was laid up for several weeks so I know what it is like to have extra tasks placed upon you. I should have been more careful and wearing Croc's outside this time of year is pretty foolish.  Lesson learned..


Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: So sorry... And sorry for Carol having to take over so many physical projects. When you're better, you need to pamper her big time!

Get well soon... Hope it's not too painful... Prayers for both of you...

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Carol said...

it will be least i will know where he is!! it doesn't seem to be painful and once that cast gets on tomorrow he will be good to go. it won't be nearly as bulky as this boot. he said last night it was like trying to get comfortable with a canoe strapped to his leg!!

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Bruce said...

Comment by Robert: Bruce,

That is a tough break. I really feel for you.

Bruce said...

Comment by Jane: We are SO sorry for you, Bruce! And yea, funny how we learn our lessons AFTER the fact L geeeezzzzz….. well, just look at it this way for Carol – this gives her an opportunity to step up to the plate even more! Knowing her, she’ll step up and hit a home run! Blessings on you for quick healing and not getting bored! Jane & Danny