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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rocky The Rocket - by Rocky

Last year I unexpectedly received a phone call from James Minor who had tracked me down through Mother Earth News. He had read one of my articles on pet adoption in Mother Earth News and thought it would go well in a book he was writing for Rocky, his Basset Hound.  Would I grant permission for him to reproduce it in his book. Without hesitation I granted him full permission to use the article. It would be an honor to have it re-printed and read by others again.

The book has now been published and James sent me a complimentary copy. It is an e-book and the cost is $3.95. I have read through 7 chapters so far and it is an excellent book that reveals the true connection between Rocky and James and just how special that relationship is. Having had a Basset Hound as one of our family members many years ago (Priscilla) Rocky's exploits rekindled some fond memories of Priscilla.
Basset Hounds are a very different breed of fur friend and Rocky is certainly no different. The story is actually written by Rocky using James as his secretary. (Highly typical for Basset Hounds to rule like Rocky does)

Rocky was a rescue dog and providence brought him to James and the two certainly fit together well. The story is well written by Rocky and shows the hardships of being a rescue dog and how finding the RIGHT forever home blesses both parties equally. When I re-read my article I can see that it is a perfect fit for Rocky's book.

I highly recommend the book for any pet owner who has adopted from a rescue. It would probably be good to have a tissue handy as Rocky's experience in finding his fur ever home has its tender moments. The proceeds from the book are all going to a Basset Hound rescue so you will be doubly blessed by the content of the book and providing for more possible rescues. The book can be ordered by going to: and follow the directions to order the book.

I would recommend the book as it is easy reading and well written by a new author - Rocky.

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Bruce said...

I almost forgot that I did not mention Clarence. He was a dog we had that was mostly Basset but part Golden. He had a Basset body, ears, and tail but a Golden face. He was more Basset than anything. People used to refer to him as that 'unusual dog'. He was a sweet boy who had perpetual ear problems like many basset hounds do.