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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Suitcase/by Carol

A few days ago we heard on the news that in order to prevent airline employees or other passengers from stealing from your suitcase...or even stealing the whole thing!...we should never use designer suitcases when traveling. I have never checked baggage. I figure if it can't fit into a carry on, I don't need it. However, it did get me to thinking about my one and only suitcase.

My folks bought the suitcase in the photo above for me to take to college nearly 50 years ago.  I thought it was pretty ugly then and over the years it certainly has not improved in appearance. However, you can tell that no one would think that 1) I had a lot of money or 2) there was a lot of precious cargo in it!

That is their opinion. This suitcase has gone to college and to many states as I have moved about the country. The precious cargo has been Christmas ornaments. Each year at this time I bring it into the house and open it to find Christmas memories.  This mobile was purchased in 1972 and has been one of the first things that I put up each year.

Then there are are my two favorite tree ornaments. The heart shaped one was made by my precious daughter back in 1980 when she was just 9 years old. The letters are spray painted gold alphabet letters. 

My other favorite is below......

No one will ever see my "ugly" suitcase outside of family...but rest assured that the contents are precious indeed.

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