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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Off Grid or On Grid

Check out my latest posting on Mother Earth News about going on grid or off grid when you choose your power option for your homestead.


Patricia M said...

Thanks for the information. My s/o and I have debated whether to be on grid or off. After the recent ice storm at our current residence (no power for 14 hours in 20 degree temps) off grid looks a bit more like the way to go, Plus, as you said, the increasing cost of electricity, makes off grid much more desirable.

Bruce said...

Good points Patricia: I thought our rate increase was 8.75 but it looks more like 10.5%. When it jumps like that and you have no control over it off grid sure looks better. Plus not many times here do we have two days of cloud cover to diminish solar power. Battery back up handles that.