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Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking Forward To The Sunrise - Sakoieta'

Something to look forward to gives us reason to get up in the morning. It can be that morning cup of coffee, the sounds and smells of bacon or eggs sizzling and being fried in the skillet or it may be no more than watching the sun rise and beginning to light up the earth as a new day follows the dark night shedding it’s light and warmth. We all need those life ’s little pleasures that make each day just a little more special to us. They give us greater compassion and the ability to find comfort and be comforted. It is a lonely road and a lonely walk that does not leave us time for the daily joys that are so common but so enlivening.

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Kathryn said...

My morning coffee... "The pesticide-laden coffee's killing us. The chemically-laced city water it's made with, imperfectly filtered as best I can, is killing us. The processed sugar and antibiotic-ridden CAFO milk in it are killing us." That's an over-simplification at the same time it doesn't begin to cover those and similar thoughts that haunt me. It doesn't help that I tried to melt snow with a candle to prove it's real and instead became a believer in plastic snow.

Yes, some can afford to buy organic. Yes, some are blessed to live remotely enough to drink water from not yet contaminated wells or even, God bless 'em, springs. Not being in those categories, every time I walk in a grocery store I'm there only minutes before I'm praying for some impossible way to live without eating because everything I touch is, in one sense or another, contaminated.

Relationships, too. Recognizing that it's been wonderful compared to many, I realize that for a number of reasons my life has been a bit more grim than I can't reference close family relationships or the friendships people from more secure background might consider routine. Even my most loving friends have natural biases, needs, and pre-occupations that muddy the relationship.

I guess it's all a matter of choice of focus? It's definitely not all bad. "It's some good and some bad" leaves me feeling unfulfilled. I keep coming back to the need to believe it's all good. But that's a difficult and elusive philosophy to hang onto some days. "God works all things together for good" is something I can believe in. The believing it is often something I have to reach for and accept on faith, though.

Are the times you write positive thoughts like this one of your ways of reaching for the good despite the bad that threatens?