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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mountain Chickadee Lives To Fly Another Day

 Normally we have a couple birds fly into the front window a year but we have had two fly into the window in two days. They both survived but needed help. If we can get to them fast enough we can pick them up, warm them up and then sit them on the railing to recover at their own pace. This one took about 25 minutes and the one yesterday took 45 minutes. I brought this little guy into the house to warm up by the wood stove and then when I put him on the railing he kept looking like he wanted to come back inside where it was warm.
If we can get to them fast and keep them warm by cupping them in our hands to keep shock for setting in we can usually revive them. It also helps to stroke their head and breast lightly as I talk to them quietly. This one looked me over very carefully when I was warming him by the wood stove and was very glad to snuggle in my hands. I think I have a mountain chickadee friend for life now.

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Bruce said...

Comment by Raylene: …..and here I thought I was the only one to do such things. I can’t bring a bird into the house these days so must stay outside to warm them up so they don’t become lunch for the cats.